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Conservatory of Dance is a first class dance studio offering a versatile curriculum.  Classes in ballet, jazz, modern, and tap are taught by passionate and experienced teachers.  Whether a dancer has goals of performing professionally or enjoys dancing as a hobby, Conservatory believes in offering pre-professional technique to all of its students in a family friendly atmosphere.  Our class schedule offers lessons that can easily fit into a family’s busy schedule.  Dancers have the choice to attend classes casually once or twice a week, or as their main extracurricular activity honing their craft five or six days per week.  Conservatory excels at improving student’s lives through dance and making the world a little more beautiful one dancer at a time!

Author: Lydia Halstead

Director: Lydia A. M. Halstead Miss Lydia is a dedicated to teaching ballet technique with enthusiasm and creativity.  Miss Lydia spent thirteen years developing her teaching skills at the School of Ballet Chicago before becoming director of the Conservatory of Dance.  Lydia enjoys teaching dance to children of all ages that have a desire to learn ballet.  Miss Lydia has over twenty years of teaching experience, and is gifted at inspiring young ballerinas in the art of ballet.  While teaching young dancers is an honor, Miss Lydia also enjoys sharing her passion of Balanchine technique and advanced pointe work with her intermediate and advanced students.  Lydia was a founding member of the Ballet Chicago Studio Company and enjoyed performing ballets, by George Balanchine, Daniel Duell, and many other talented choreographers.  Before dancing for Ballet Chicago, Lydia trained at the Joffrey Ballet School in New York, School of Oregon Ballet Theatre, and the School of Ballet Chicago.  Lydia also received several awards and scholarships for her dancing including, the Lily Brendle Scholarship, Mark Strand Award, and the Cecil O. Johnson Performing Arts Award.  

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